About Pinellas Farms

Pinellas Farms grows and delivers local, fresh and clean specialty greens and kale in Pinellas County, FL. Our greens are always non-gmo and locally grown using organic methods. Because it is indoor hydroponic there is no need for pesticides. The result is fresh, delicious and super-nutritious plant food.

Most of the lettuces and greens that we consume locally come from out West (California and Arizona) or are imported from other countries.

These distances that our food must travel has many costs. There is a cost to the quality and freshness of the product. There is the sheer cost of transporting the product which is reflected in the price. There is also a cost to the environment as shipping our food from far away has a negative environmental impact.

We seek to solve that problem in Pinellas County by providing a method for growing certain greens year round that would not otherwise be available locally.

Picked to order so you get the freshest food possible. Freshness makes all the difference with greens.

Grown indoors so there are no bugs and no need for harmful pesticides. In fact, nothing is applied to the lettuces and greens that we grow. They feed (at the root level) off of a nutrient solution that is free from harmful chemicals.

The result is fresh, delicious and healthy food that can be grown year round. We look forward to providing you and your family with the best medicine: high quality, nutrition-rich plant food.