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Parris Island (Romaine) Lettuce Now Available

parris island romaine

Parris Island Cos is an heirloom leafy green lettuce similar in appearance and taste to traditional romaine lettuce. It is now available in bulk orders of 10 ounces at an affordable price of $15 per order delivered (Pinellas County, FL).

This lettuce is grown indoor hydroponically locally, using no pesticides or harmful chemicals but full of vitamins and nutrients including being a great source of Vitamin A.

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Bulk Greens Now Available

lacinato kale bulk

We currently have bulk greens available for purchase in Pinellas County, Florida. Items currently available are Lacinato Kale with Parris Island Cos Lettuce and Salad Bowl Lettuce coming in the next week. Check product details to see the amount that comes with each bulk order. Delivery is free in Pinellas County, Florida.